Junk Phone Calls in the UK

A telephone subscriber in the UK can choose not to receive direct marketing phone calls. Companies who do not respect the subscriber's choice can be fined.

The law involved is Statutory Instrument 1998 No. 3170, The Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) (Direct Marketing) Regulations 1998 (ISBN 0 11 080315 9), which came in to force in the UK on the 1st of May, 1999. A printed copy may be obtained from HMSO for 3 GBP, or an unofficial electronic copy from http://www.hmso.gov.uk/si/si1998/19983170.htm .

How to reduce the number of junk phone calls you receive.

Register with the Telephone Preference Service on-line at www.tpsonline.org.uk or call them on 0800 398893. There is also a local rate number (0845 0700 707) but as of 2008-10-21 both numbers connect to the same automated service.

You should receive fewer junk calls and be in a stronger position to challenge any calls you do receive if you have registered your telephone number with the TPS.

You can check with http://numbercheck.co.uk/ if your telephone number is registered with the TPS, but you have to register an account with them first. It's easier to use the tpsonline web site to try to register the number again; it will tell you whether it is already registered.

Make a note of exactly when you register because your registration is not fully effective until 28 days after you register.

If you receive a junk phone call.

If you receive a junk phone call, follow the Ten things to say when you get a junk phone call script to see if the caller has committed an offence and to collect the information required by law if you want to take further action.

Print out copies of the script and keep them near your telephone. Depending on your browser settings, you might find it more convenient to print this version, which has a fixed small font size.



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